Pressure Washing Services in Cumming, GA:

 Deck Cleaning

  GA-400 uses professional processes, equipment and products to perform deck cleaning services.  When performing wood cleaning, composite cleaning, Trex cleaning, PVC cleaning, exotic wood cleaning, mahogany wood  cleaning, IPE cleaning, Teak deck wood cleaning and others starts with applying our specially formulated detergent to the surface for deck cleaning. Our trained technicians will allow the specially formulated detergent to dwell killing the mold, algae and spores while penetrating into the surface to insure no regrowth occurs.  Wood deck, composite deck, Trex deck, PVC deck, exotic wood deck, mahogany wood deck, IPE wood deck, Teak wood deck and others requires minimal PSI – no more than 600-700 psi to even clean the dirt, mold and algae away and insure no damage.  Never let anybody put more pressure on your deck. It will cause splintering and furring. GA-400 uses professional cleaning detergents to clean your deck.

Rust Removal

Rust. Such a nasty looking causation that can occur on many different surfaces, such as, concrete, siding, decks, gutters and even your shingles, and is an eyesore for your home or business. Rust is caused when iron oxidizes which is why rust is actually iron oxide. Some examples of rust are:  
  • The rebar in your concrete rusting through to the top coat of your concrete.
  • An old car sitting on concrete for a period of time and the weather begins to rust the car and the rust is transferred to the concrete.
  • A metal pipe on your roof or siding that rust leaks off of onto your shingles or siding.
  • Rust from the iron in granular fertilizer that will stain concrete really bad.